thechizzydizzy asked:
Youre great man. Btw, where can i get relatively cheap zip tees?

Thanks brotha. No idea tbh - not my style so I haven’t paid attention.

Anonymous asked:
Do another Fashion meets Inspiration video with Jacob!

We’re working on the spring look book right now.

littlebirdonaperch asked:
Ur hot

Anonymous asked:
Whats your best/favorite pair of denim?

My Comune wax denim have one of the best wax I’ve ever seen - especially for a jean that I got for under 100. But the fit of my Hudson Sartor are my favorite.

Anonymous asked:
What are those white nikes called if you don't mind me asking?

what white nikes? probably flyknit trainers

Anonymous asked:
Love your style man! Any recommendations on skinny stonewash denim for around $200-$250? Thanks

Thanks! I love my April77 stonewash but I know nudie makes a bunch of good fits if you can find a stonewash.